The word “development” is a common term in the well drilling industry used to describe one or more methods of strengthening the flow rate of water into a well. Unfortunately, what many sell as development is simply clean-up.

Green Valley Well Drilling offers three levels of development, some for an additional fee.

Basic Air Development:

This service is ALWAYS included in ANY well that we drill. After the well has been drilled, cased, and gravel packed, the driller re-inserts the drill stem all the way to the bottom of the well and turns on the air compressor. Compressed air flows down the stem at pressures anywhere from 150-250 psi. As the air enters, the resident water is lifted out of the well often in a spectacular way.

This serves two functions. First, it cleans the well of many residual drilling fluids (chemicals) that may still be in the well. Secondly, this action creates a void that new water from the aquifer must rush in to fill. When this process is repeated over and over, it is often termed “air lifting.” Air lifting will generally clean up the water to a milky color free of drill muds and heavy sands. Fine sands are usually still be visible to the naked eye.

Advanced Development:

Advanced well development is usually done with air. Instead of the drill stem being immediately inserted all the way to completion depth, it is paused every 20 feet on the entry pass and every 20 feet on the exit pass. During these pauses, the compressed air is released into the aquifer driving the water BACKWARDS away from the well. Tools called surge blocks or packers can be used to isolate and target where the compressed air is directed.

With the addition of information gleaned from the driller’s logbook, advanced development allows the driller to concentrate more time developing a specific water bearing zone. In contrast, the previously mentioned air-lift method which has a more general approach. Overall, advanced development is a much more effective at developing the well and can often make the difference between an average well and a higher quality high yield well.

Pump Development:

Pump development is the last stage of development that can be used. After one or both of the above techniques are completed, a large pump can be inserted into the well and run for several days. This final stage of development (when possible) will yield the clean fresh crystal clear water that every customer desires.